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2/9/18: Bethany Kopel, one of No1GKS's former students, is called into US Soccer U-19 Women's National Team (WNT) Camp.  Article



No1GKS Philosophy

There is a distinct difference between the shot-stopper and the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper understands that to be great, you have to do more than just stop shots. Goalkeeping is more than just saving the ball.

The shot-stopper can make saves and that quality is very important. However, the technically- and tactically-aware goalkeeper is much more valuable to their team.

You must strive to have a complete game, not just save shots, and be able to tactically organize and deny the opposition the privilege of a shot!

The purpose of No1 Goalkeeper School is to help shot-stoppers become goalkeepers.

#1 on your Back, No1 for your Team

#1 on your Back, No1 for your Team

Dan Diac

No1GKS Founder




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Why All Kids Should Play Goalkeeper



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