In any sport in order for an athlete to become successful she/he needs to focus and improve on the four pillars of the game:

  1. Psychological

  2. Technical

  3. Tactical

  4. Physical

No1GkS has affiliated with the Mental Toughness Academy, a world renown expert in the field of psychology, to be able to provide not just the technical, tactical and physical training, but also the mental training that is very important in order to become a successful goalkeeper.

We believe that at least 50% of a goalkeeper performance is based on the psychological aspect. The mixed feelings that a goalkeeper goes trough during a hard practice or tough game can be improved trough the mental training.

A goalkeeper that is mentally tough is able:

  • to show her/his capabilities during the games without having the fear of failing

  • to bounce back from her/his mistake and move on with the game

  • to prepare the important games and live in the present and not think about past errors or possible mistakes

  • to visualize and reach success

  • to inspire her/his teammates

  • to enjoy the game

Mental Toughness training is an online program with many modules that deal with a tremendous range of mental skill lessons.

Help your child be the best they can beThere is a one-time cost of $97 which gives you unlimited access to the Mental Toughness content.

The Mental Toughness training modules are available on smart phones too!

Dan Diac has begun using Mental Toughness with his 4th grade son and he is absolutely hooked on it.

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